CopperMuse® Confectionist Series

The Confectionist Series also came to life in our Tasting Room. Our creative bar-tending staff took their inspiration (they are muses after all) from the fresh ingredients they infused. The addition of pure cane and brown sugars made these flavors open up and intensified their sweet essence. The resulting liqueurs are so good they can be sipped straight or mixed in your favorite cocktail. 

We use only natural ingredients - no artificial flavors, colors or additives. Naturally Gluten Free

Amaretto Liqueur

Golden almonds, vanilla and pure cane sugar married with Vertueux Vodka results in a most delightful liqueur with origins in Saronno, Italy. Close your eyes and imagine sitting on the terrace of an Italian café overlooking rolling hills of ripening grape vines while you sip its delicate, nutty essence. Enjoy straight as an after-dinner cordial or mixed in your favorite coffee, cream or citrus based cocktails. Salute!


• Silver Medal: 2017 American Craft Spirits Association Competition

• Top 10 Foodie Gifts: Denver Post December 2017

Coffee Liqueur

Organic espresso, vanilla and pure cane brown sugar are combined with Vertueux Vodka to make a coffee liqueur satisfying enough to sip straight over a couple ice cubes. Satisfy your late-night coffee cravings by mixing this handcrafted cordial in your favorite White or Black Russian, Espresso Martini or Colorado Bulldog recipe. Made from all-natural ingredients so be sure to shake before use