Our Story

It all started when two engineering freshman met the fall of 1988 at Colorado State University. Call it two geeks fall in love. Not only did Jason and Heather fall in love, they also developed a fondness for the excellent local beer and homebrews they created. As graduation neared they actually entertained the thought of not using their engineering degrees (to their parents' horror) and instead open a craft brewery. Ah, but cooler minds prevailed…after all Fort Collins couldn't possibly need another brewery. Boy, were they wrong!

Working and family life led to many new experiences including an appreciation for wine. Learning how winemakers use different grape varietals, terroir and oak barrel aging to express their art never failed to inspire our duo. After many years of corporate life, Jason started getting the itch to do and make something special on his own. Then came the fateful Gin and Tonic made from a Colorado craft gin. The flavor was significantly better and more nuanced than anything he had ever had before. Eureka! Distilling is the perfect way to marry the fermentation skills of a brewer along with the artistic expression of the winemaker to produce carefully hand-crafted spirits.

Jason then began the long process of putting his ambitious idea into reality: quitting his engineering manager job, putting together a business plan, learning basics of distilling from other craft distillers, finding a suitable location for a distillery in Old Town Fort Collins, designing & constructing the production and tasting room spaces, developing a brand identity and significantly draining most of their life’s savings. Yikes! Heather provides both inspiration in the look and feel of CopperMuse® and much needed family security with her Civil Engineering career (no one wants the distiller to be homeless or sleeping at the distillery).

It’s been a long road with lots of ups and downs, lots of sleepless nights, but we have finally arrived. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our liquid passions with you.


Jason Hevelone & Heather Trantham


Jason Hevelone & Heather Trantham Founders CopperMuse™ Distillery

Jason Hevelone & Heather Trantham
CopperMuse™ Distillery