Light at the End of the Bureaucracy

I’m happy to report that we’ve jumped through the last remaining hoops keeping us from opening our doors to the public.

·         Distilled Spirits Plant Permit – check!

·         Label approval – check!   (well, at least for our vodka product…Silver & Gold Rums and Black Vodka label approvals still in the queue)

·         Poudre Fire Authority – check!

·         City of Fort Collins – check!

·         Larimer County Retail Food Inspection – check!

·         Distill and produce initial inventory of spirits – check!

·         Interview and hire an awesome staff – check!

·         Finalize our food and cocktail menus – check!

We plan to open our doors beginning Wednesday, April 2nd provided our final preparations go as planned. We can’t wait to see you there and share with you our passion for hand-crafted spirits, cocktails and food.