2019 Festivals

May 1, 2019 Blog

Festival time is almost here!

Spring, summer, and fall are the prime festival times for Colorado. Whether you like music, food, beer, spirits, or art, there will be a festival near you. CopperMuse participates in several festivals each year. In the past we have served our spirits at the Whiskey Warm Up (link) in Estes Parks, Cocktails on the Rocks (now – 303 Cocktails) (link), Central City Stills in the Hills (link), the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival (link), Fall Back Beer Fest (link), Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival (link), and the Fall Harvest Brewfest (link). Our schedule is still changing, but the CopperMuse website will have information about where you can find us this year.

The festivals provide us with time to introduce people to our unique premium spirits and cocktails. We hope to see you at a festival this summer!

HandJ Festival.jpg