Give a gift basket they will truly enjoy!


The general trouble with gift baskets is that they can be really hit or miss. Maybe you don’t need more sweet or salty snacks, or you will never in your life eat that jar of orange marmalade or sausage log. What if the whole basket is filled with white chocolate (which is lying about being chocolate)? No thank you. With the abundance of cakes and cookies and other edible treats this time of year, it’s nice to have a different kind of gift basket, one with a built-in activity, and even better, with fine alcohol!

For a basket unlike so many of the others out there, look no further than CopperMuse’s creative offerings. There are three unique themes to choose from, each filled with makings and mixings for some fantastic cocktails. With included recipe cards as well as appropriate drinkware, your giftee will have both the materials and the instructional know-how to make cocktails on her or his own (or maybe even with you).

Bloody Gift Basket hi res 2.jpg

Bloody Mary Gift Basket

choice of regular or infused vodkas (bacon, horseradish or jalapeño)

The Bloody Mary Basket is perfect for those who love a superbly stocked DIY Bloody Mary bar. You can choose one large bottle of Vertueux Vodka, or two smaller bottles of infused vodka in flavors that complement and enhance one another (jalapeno, horseradish, or bacon). There’s also a laundry list of fantastic other ingredients included, from a zesty base Bloody Mary Mix to spices and sauces and garnishes to make show stopping drinks.

Martini basket 2.jpg

Martini Gift Basket

shaken, not stirred...


If you’re more in the market for a well-crafted, shaken-not-stirred beverage, the Martini Basket is where to go. Not only does this basket have the Vertueux Vodka and assorted olives that make a great martini, you will also get all the tools you need to mix the perfect drink. This basket is a great idea for someone looking to start making drinks at home, who doesn’t yet have a shaker, strainer, and mixing glass!


CopperMule Gift Basket 2.jpg

CopperMule Gift Basket

choice of Vertueux Vodka (classic Moscow Mule) or Gold Rum (Gold 'n' Stormy)

For the ginger lover, the CopperMule Basket is an excellent gift. This basket includes ginger beer, lime juice, one (or two) beautiful solid-copper mug(s), and you can choose either CopperMuse Vertueux Vodka or Gold Rum as your alcohol. As a person whose drink of choice tends to veer to the menu option with ginger and lime, this basket is right up my alley. Not to mention, every grown-up should have a solid-copper mug or two, because you just never know when the mood for a mule will strike at home!

Basket crop.jpg

So much better than wicker


All these options come in stylish faux leather baskets that can be repurposed and reused, so again, nothing goes to waste. Contact CopperMuse at 970-999-6016 to ask about pick-up availability or reserve yours online here, sooner rather than later to make sure you can get the basket you want! These baskets are not available to be shipped, but can be picked up at the distillery. Don’t let this deter you though; get a basket for visitors from out of town and then you can all make drinks together! Spending good time with good people is what the holiday season is all about, and mixing up some cheer with a CopperMuse gift basket is a great way to get in the spirit of the season.